The Charter Review Task Force began its work by going through the Cincinnati Charter line-by-line and identifying all of the possible improvements, clarifications, or major changes that could be made to improve the functioning of city government.  All of these possible changes — ranging from minor tweaks to major restructuring of muni government — were assigned to committees.  During May 2015, a year after the task force was formed, the committees have been releasing their final reports.


The CRTF has also asked the community to provide additional information for consideration.  This information includes the following:

“Governing Cincinnati:  Considerations and Opportunities,” by NCU Chapel Hill School of Government Professors Kimberly Nelson and Carl Stenberg, provided by Cincinnati Research Institute: Cincinnati report final with cover pic and ES

Cincinnati Research Institute research regarding executive sessions of council: CRI-ExecSessionResearch

Cincinnati Research Institute research regarding use of emergency ordinances: CRI-EmergOrdResearch